Rachel Clive

Image Credit Tracey Paddison

I am a theatre practitioner, writer, facilitator and currently a doctoral researcher, on a LKAS Fellowship at the University of Glasgow. I have a longstanding interest in the intersections between art and social practices. Most of my work attempts to unsettle dominant ableist and patriarchal ideas of what performance is (or could be) and who performers are (or could be).  See https://rachoclyde.wixsite.com/rachelclive-projects 

My LKAS interdisciplinary research is interested in the intersections between ecology, human difference and performance, in neurodivergent geographies and in autotopographical performance practices .

The practice-based doctoral research seeks to question and unsettle the structural inequalities expressed through the climate crisis through a disability studies lens. It is developing processes and performances which are informed and led by people who are either diagnosed or who identify as being neurodivegent or ‘normally different’.

Practically it is creating new ways of performing with the earth in an age of precarity through a series of performance projects that explore human relationships with rivers, estuaries and their dynamic geomorphologies.

The research is leading me to identify and test a model of theatre practice that I am calling the ‘Performic Cycle’.

The Performic Cycle model is a performance practice which works critically with the concepts of the adaptive cycle and Panarchy. The Performic Cycle is interested in practices of resistance, restoration, sustainability, transition, flow and solidarity across multiple temporal and spatial scales.

Photo credit: Tracey Paddison

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